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Arden Rock Records believes in breathing magic into the recording process. By working closely with the people that come through our doors and getting to know what’s important to them, we build relationships that foster trust and creativity. We support our clients through the process of taking an idea from conception to completion, delivering an inspirational product to be proud of. We offer a warm, relaxed, and encouraging atmosphere to help bring forth your unique voice. Whether you’re looking to record for yourself, are wanting to create a commercial product, or are looking for guidance about different aspects of the recording process, we’re happy to be of service.


Bram Kaprow is the founder and owner of Arden Rock Records. He grew up with an Aikido sensei as a mother and an avant-garde artist as a father, and was steeped in both mindfulness and creative practices from a young age. He is an Organic Intelligence® and Somatic Experiencing® practitioner, has completed yoga teacher trainings in multiple traditions, tantra and conscious relationship coaching with David Deida, studied and practiced Shipibo Shamanism in Peru, and was a singer and fire-tender in First Nation traditions for over 4 years. He has worked as a technician in the music industry for major artists and music festivals, and pulls from his diverse background to offer compassionate support to people from many different walks of life. He loves working with creative individuals, young adults, and those who are working towards achieving their goals and realizing their dreams.

Finnegan, the most important member of the Arden Rock Family.

Finnegan, the most important member of the Arden Rock Family.